Jiangyin huaxia packaging machinery co., LTD. was established in 1995, which is based on the jiangyin city salt bureau development. We are a member of the China salt association.

Our company is  enterprise in our salt industry to develop semi-automatic packing machine and automatic packing machine. We have lot of unit in China to develop successful salt packaging technology of production connected line, and We have the most national patents as the unit of the Chinese salt industry.

We won the national Patent Office and the government of jiangsu province in 1996 awarded the gold medal, we won several salt industry company and wuxi city, jiangsu province scientific and technological achievement award outstanding enterprises issued by the government. In 1998, we took the lead in the domestic light industry unit to complete the national salt automatic packaging machine of science and technology research project, in 2000 won the national award of The national science and technology awards..

In more than ten years of technology research and development process, our company closely combined with the actual situation of salt industry in our country, the assiduous research, strict management and sincere service, we successively for salt industry of China provides various types of iodized salt packing machine, with nearly 400 sets, all kinds of form A complete set of auxiliary equipment more than 300 units, our customers around the sea salt, lake salt, well salt mines and other kinds of production and marketing enterprises, many of our users have entered the national "aaa" enterprise, for the salt industry logistics in our country modernization has played A leading role, promote and safeguard role. In the mid-1990s, our company became the designated unit in Preferred salt packing machine, salt mixer set of the middle salt company and the national electromechanical equipment bidding center.

In more than 10 years of production and practice, our company provides high quality packaging machinery for the user not only, and we provide users with the logistics distribution scheme design, and provide technical training, equipment management experience and related management appraisal system, we timely and efficient after-sales service, users won wide praise. Many provincial, municipal and autonomous salt industry customers have come to our company to buy equipment many times, and our equipment has become the product of the national salt industry.

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